YouTube comment System gets Google+ style upgrade, Features

YouTube comment system gets a major upgrade. It gets all the new features from Google+ Social Networking. YouTube had already announced back in September that it was working on socializing its comment system and integrating it with Google+. This major update has gone live now, on the Video Sharing website. Let’s take a look at  –

Features of YouTube comment System

  • Channels actively indulged in Video Posting will get new tools to moderate comments before they are even posted. Not only that, Admin will be able to block in appropriate words in the comments as well as automatically approving comments from trusted friends or Fans
  • Comments from Popular peoples or Video makers, Group discussions for the particular video and Google+ Friends (circles) will end up on the top of the comment structure. Comments from important and known people will show up first. One can also check the newest comments just by switching to appropriate tab.
  • YouTube has added the privacy features in comments as well. One can make a public conversation or make comments that can be viewed only by Google+ Circle or a particular friend. All the comment / replies will be threaded.

Official video for YouTube Comment System

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