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UA Healthbox announced for $400 at CES 2016

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HTC and Under Armour have come together and announced the UA Healthbox  at CES 2016. It is priced at US$ 400 and consists of UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale. It is up for pre-order in the US from HTC and Under Armour websites and will go on sale from January 22, 2016. US retailers will get the stock in the Q1 2016 while the international markets will get the bundle in future (throughout the year).

The UA Band has measurements of 17.5 x 11. mm (width x thickness) and comes in 244.1mm long strap / 204.1 mm short strap options. It has 2ATM water protections and comes with vibrator for notifications. It has 4MB SRAM, 8MB Flash storage and is powered by 110 mAh embedded battery. UA Band features Bluetooth, BLE Connectivity and comes with Motion G-Sensor and Gyro Sensor. It measures sleep, resting heart rate, daily activity and workout intensity when worn with heart rate.

The UA Scale has dimensions of 36 x 35.9 (width x thickness) and houses 4 Load Cell Sensor. It has Capacity of 396 lbs (180 Kg) and supports over the air updates for scale functionality.  It also has Speaker for notification tone. It tracks body weight, body fat percentage and  set weight Goals. UA Scale is Wi-Fi enabled and can recognize up to 8 users.

The UA Heart Rate chest strap tracks your heart beats, Heart rate zone and workout intensity. It works well when worn with UA band. It is water-resistant and has Bluetooth connectivity, for connecting with smart devices via UA Records.

UA Record collects all the data and can be viewed any time. Users can also analyze data, get personalized insights and recommendations. The UA Healthbox bundle is compatible with iOS8 or Android 4.4 KitKat OS or later versions.

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