Sony UHS-1 U3 64GB / 32GB memory cards deliver 95 MB/s Transfers

Sony has launched the 32GB (SF-32UZ/T1) and 64GB  (SF-64UZ/T1) High Speed SD Cards in in India. They are Priced at Rs. 5,339 and Rs. 9,942 respectively and will be available at all Sony Centers and Major Electronics Stores through out India.

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One might question the Price Tag and wonder as to what’s so unique about the SD cards? Both the cards supports reading speeds of up to 95 MB/s and can reach blazing fast Writing speeds of up to 90 MB/s. Moreover, both the cards are Water Proof, Dust Proof, X-Ray Proof, Temperature Proof and comes with Ultra High Speed Class 3 Rating. Additionally, Sony has also included file rescue software in case of accidental deletion of Data.

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The 32GB (SF-32UZ/T1) and 64GB (SF-64UZ/T1) are recommended for Photography equipments like a DSLR Camera or High end smartphones as it supports 4K Video Recording and playback. So, If you want Fast transfer rates, the newest member in Sony’s UZ series are to go for.

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