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Sony LSX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector announced

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Sony expands its Life Space UX projector lineup with the announcement of Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector named the LSX-P1. It has an ultra-short focus lens and can project on most table surfaces and walls.

The Sony LSX-P1 has slim profile with measurements of 81 x 131 x 131 mm and weighs 930 grams. It uses Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) Technology that gives sharp images at 1366 x 768 pixels screen size. This projector can project videos and images of 100 lumens at screen size of 22-inch to 80-inches.

It has Built-in Battery that gives about 2 hours of continuous usage and fully charges in 4 hours. It can be easily connected with smartphones via dedicated applications and projects photos, slide shows and videos. It has Bluetooth  Low Energy (BLE) support as well, that detects the phone even when projector is off.

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The Sony LSX-P1 has about 4GB of built-in storage and is equipped with Acceleration sensor, Illuminance sensor, Ranging sensor and IR Remote control receiver. Wireless HDMI Unit (LSPX-PT1) Includes 1 HDMI input / output, Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/ (GHz)Band with MIMO Support.

The LSX-P1 will go on sale on February 13, 2016 in Japan for JPY 93,000 ($784 / Rs. 53,000 approx.). The optional floor stand will be sold at an additional JPY 19,000 ($160 / Rs. 10,000).


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