RakEM Private Messaging App, world’s most secure App

Raketu Communications Inc. a leader in device-to-device direct internet protocol applications has developed RakEM, the World’s most secure Private messaging application. This App supports all the major languages and is available for Android and iOS devices.

RakEM mobile private messaging app promises highest security and Privacy for Instant Messaging, file / image / location sharing, voice / video calling and also eliminates the “text regret”. RakEM guarantees end-to-end encryption via its server-less messaging technology, thus gives an added protection against the hackers.

Everyone has an incident where one wishes if they can un-send a text message (at least once). Such a feature is is possible with this application. Simply deleting the unwanted messages will remove it from both the devices. Company is also developing a feature that also prevents screen capture all together.

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Other messaging apps have promised security, but we’ve all read the stories about images and messages that have been unwittingly exposed, With security breaches making headlines almost daily, people want assurance that their communications are private and protected. And that, should they have second thoughts about something they sent, they can delete with confidence from devices. Raketu’s technology makes this possible.

Greg Parker, president and CEO, Raketu.

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    Kate Mail April 7, 2015 at 11:38 am

    Binfer messaging app is encrypted. It is completely free

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