OnePlus 2 will have new Invite System for buying

OnePlus has confirmed that its upcoming “Flagship Killer” phone, the OnePlus 2 will have a new Invite System. Unlike its predecessor, the two will have up to 30 to 50 times more invites available for public.

The invites will be available soon for the most active members at OnePlus One forums. Invite systems are head ache and most did complain with a negative feedback. Now, the company will have a special reservation list for users that are not active online or in social media. Under this system, users will have to enter their email and the system will send the Invite when they are available.

Company will also introduce physical invitation cards for the OnePlus 2 as well. OnePlus has also promised that users who have already bought the phone will also get the sharable Invites, but much faster than before.



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