Oneplus 2 will have finger print sensor, confirms company

Oneplus is launching its next generation flagship killer phone on July 27. Company has confirmed that the upcoming device will have most advanced fingerprint sensor available in market.

The phone can store up to 5 Finger print profiles and is claimed to be even faster than touch ID when done right. An average user checks 200 times a day and it takes average of 3 seconds to enter pin or pattern. Oneplus 2 finger print sensor hopes to eliminate that time.

Previously  Oneplus also confirmed that its two flagship will be powered by Snapdragon 810 V2.1 Chipset and will feature USB Type-C connector.

A flagship phone deserves flagship features, and security shouldn’t have to be traded for convenience. With one of the fastest sensors on the market, you can rest well knowing that all of your information is conveniently secure. It’s just one of the ways we’re making the OnePlus 2 more impressive, thoughtful, and versatile.


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