mPhone Smartphones listed online, starts from Rs. 11,999

A new Kerala based company Mango Phone,  shortly known as mPhone, has entered the smartphone market in India. It has listed array of its newly launched phones and smartwatch on its official website.

mPhone Electronics & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is reportedly helmed by group of Malayalis and was founded on an initial investment of Rs. 3500 and is said to bring 4G Phones and 3D technology assistance from Korea.

Initial list of mPhone models include mPhone 5s, mPhone 6, mPhone 7 Plus, mPhone 8, mPhone 9 Plus and mPhone 11 Plus smartphones. Company also has M2 watch under its sleeves. Pricing of these phones ranges from Rs. 11,999 to Rs. 39,999. The Smartwatch is priced at Rs. 12,999.

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Morevoer, Company has also listed online many Accessories like MBT-S5 Bluetooth V4.1 (Rs. 3,710), MWC-P20 Wireless Charger (Rs. 1,390), MWC-S2 Wireless Charger (Rs. 1,425), MWC-M1 Wireless Charger base (Rs. 1,475), mPower 10K power-bank (Rs. 3,700) and mPower HB-15 Power-bank (Rs. 3,750)

This Indian brand will launch in India today. We will have to wait and see how it performs against the tough competition already present in the country.

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