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Mozilla Releases Lightbeam for Firefox to backtrack the trackers

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Ever wondered if government or websites you visit are tracking you. One can now shed the light on this with the latest release from Mozilla named Lightbeam for Firefox. This Firefox add-on shows graphical representation of who’s tracking them.

When the user visits any website or third party domains on web, Lightbeam for Firefox will reveal in-depth analysis generally not know to the normal user. After installing the extension, Lightbeam will analyze stored records of all the web/third party site visits which are stored locally in the form of cookies in the browser. A graphical representation is made regarding each event that highlights the interaction between website and the users.

After installing Lightbeam, One can check out the graphs from the icon located at bottom right corner. In the Graph view, Circle represents the visited websites while the triangles show off the third party nodes. One can easily zoom in and out, check website profiles on click and check tooltips. With more data stored locally the graph will grow as well but there is an option to filter out particular set of data. Besides graph view, Lightbeam for Firefox also has Clock View and List View as well.

Users can also Reset, Save or Share the data with Mozilla and doing so will bring out a bigger picture of the Internet Tracking and how the Third Party Sites are connected.

Download Lightbeam for Firefox by clicking here

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