MediaTek announces MT2511 and MT2523 chips in India

MediaTek has announced that its MT2511 multi-function bio-sensing chip and MT2523 chip for fitness devices is now available in India.

The MediaTek MT2511 is company’s first bio-sensing analog front end chip. It offers ECG+PPG for easy Internal PLL data synchronization. It has active power of <0.6 mA for PPG, <0.6mA for ECG and <1.25mA for PPG+ECG.

It comes with built-in 4KB SRAM can check heart beat internal. It has integrated LED Boost driver circuit and allows SPI/I2C interface support for connectivity. The chipset has greather than 100dB dynamic range.

mediatek-mt2523-image-1The MediaTek MT2523 chip is a system-in-package (SiP) which offers dual-mode bluetooth LE, a MIPI-DSI and serian interfaces  supported high resolution on mobiles and supports GPS as well. It has micro controller unit (MCU), Power management unit (PMU) and offers more than a week of battery life on single charge.

The chip includes 2D capabilities for true color, per pixel alpha channel and anti-aliasing fonts. It has 1-bit index color to save memory and computing power. The SiP’s printed circuit board is area is 41% smaller than competitor’s.

Devices using MediaTek MT2511 and MT2523 chips are expected in India by early 2017.

Kuldeep Malik, Country Head – Corporate Sales International, MediaTek India, said –

MediaTek has always focused on combining power with efficiency and we are leading the charge in bringing this know-how to IoT products in India. With the MT2523 and MT2511 SoCs, MediaTek aims to broaden the scope of wearable segment in India to also cover health-related applications and deliver a variety of devices like fitness trackers, active lifestyle smart watches, sports and fitness bands.


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