LG TONE+ 2016 (HBS-910) Bluetooth Stereo Speakers to be showcased at CES 2016

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LG has announced that it will showcase its TONE+ 2016 (HBS-910) Bluetooth Stereo Speakers at CES 2016.  It is slim, lightweight and has are neckband shaped. They are manufactured in collaboration with Harman / Kardon for superior sound quality.

The LG TONE+ 2016 neckband speakers are comfortable to wear and uses Quad Advance Layer diaphragm that offers clear treble and enhanced bass when compared to single-layer diaphragm. It also has dual microphones installed close to the phone, that provides quality voice quality and accurate voice capture.

It also allows one to record voices on smartphones with a single button press via its LG Tone & talk headset application. It also allows users to activate alarm in the phone comes and can use “Find Phone” feature in the application, in case the handset is lost. Moreover, it can also read read SMS, SNS just with a press of button.

The LG TONE+ 2016 (HBS-910) will be available from February 2016 in Korea, United States, Euro, Latin America, Asia and other global markets. This Bluetooth Stereo headset will come in Pink, White and Black color options.

[wpsm_quote author=”jeongsuheon Managing Director, LG Electronics IPD business manager” float=”left” width=”100%”]Tone Plus is designed with products developed to embrace customer feedback, sound, and will offer customers a differentiated experience, etc. Ease, for the technology and customers industry-leading will further strengthen its leadership in the Bluetooth headset market with delicate care, [/wpsm_quote]

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