LG G Flex Durability Test Video – Shows off Self Healing Capabilities and more

LG G Flex is the company’s first smartphone to feature a flexible display. Phone has already been unveiled in the market showing off its flexibility and durability.

Interestingly, LG G Flex Back panel is somewhat flexible and is made up using a self healing technology that can prevent minor scratches. With speculations regarding this new technology abuzz the market, LG has released an official video on YouTube showing off the self healing features.

In the video, a comparison has been made between the normal back cover and LG G Flex back cover. Both the covers are scratched using a wired brush. Self Healing in G Flex fixes the scratches in couple of minutes. Additionally, for durability, company has showed of weight tests. Mimicking the most likely situations to happen real life.

Official LG G Flex Self Healing and Durability Test Video

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