Doogee Vienna Earphones will launch in August, Exclusive Photos

Chinese phone maker Doogee is soon to launch its stylish earphone dubbed as Vienna. It will launch some time in August. Our Source (Doogee) has also teased its pricing at $1?.99 (we expect it to be $19.99).

The Doogee Vienna also has a Microphone that has -44dB (+4dB-) at 0DB=1V/pa, 1Hz. It takes up standard voltage of 2.5V (Max 10V) and standard current of 100mA ~~ 500 mA. Doogee claims that the microphones has less than 3% Distortion rate and >58dB Signal to noise ratio.

The earphones have Moving-coil loud speakers with 90dB (5+dB-) Sensitivity at 1KHz, utilizes 3 mW power (5mW max). Doogee has conducted rigorous testing to meet the enhanced audio output standards.

Tests include 300 times of bending, Drop Test, Impact Test, Button press Test (40-50 Times in a minute, up to 1000 times), Sticky test and more

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