Bye Bye Windows 7, Microsoft Suspends support

There is a a bad news for Windows 7 users. Microsoft has decided to end support for its 5 year old Windows 7 Operating System. The company will continue to patch the operating system for security vulnerabilities till 2020 however, no mainstream support will be available. With this decision, Microsoft believes that doing so will open a pathway for its upcoming Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft will neither offer new features in OS or offer free help to Windows 7 users. This will make 9 out of 10 PC’s running in China with little or no support. Currently half of the PC’s or Laptops globally run on the Windows 7 while the OS holds 38.3% market share.

Company’slike Qiho 360 Technology and Beijing Rising Information Technology Co Ltd, have been providing security updates to Windows XP users in China. The same is expected from them for the Windows 7 OS after 2020. No official statement from both the companies regarding the matter has been released yet.


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