BTCGaw Inc. buys Bitcoin above market price

It will eventually go mainstream within the financial system and we’re not very far from that point, it’s only a matter of few years

Tony Gaw, BTCGaw CEO.

BTCGaw Inc. a Dilaware, USA based cryptocurrency investment company is buying Bitcoin at up to 11% higher than the market price when compared to Blockchain’s official rate.

Under its new cryptocurrency investment policy, BTCGaw Inc. has put a “can’t say no to” offer on the table for Bitcoin Sellers. Company has also partnered with many International Banks and is able to provide online automatic and instant payments via its Website. Payments are done by bank transfer and Paypal.

BTC Gaw has developed a purchase strategy aiming to pool all the sellers who want to benefit from the company’s latest offer and who are willing to sell their Bitcoin for the best deal available on the market.

Currently the offer has no time frame, however it is more or less likely that this “can’t say no to” offer will be dropped (without notice) once the capacities and targets are reached.

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