Bluboo Xwatch in the works, sports Android Wear with stylish design

Chinese phone maker Bluboo is working on a stylish smartwatch named the Bluboo Xwatch. The smartwatch market has been a boom recently with most of the brands already releasing their own version of smartwatch. Bluboo is the newest entrant.

Company claims that the Bluboo Xwatch is world’s first specialized sport Android wear smartwatch. It also company’s first smart wrist wear.

Bluboo Xwatch back Image-2

The device is equipped with Heart Rate Sensor, Altimiter and Barometer. It also has GPS functionality. It runs on Google’s Android Wear platform.

Bluboo has recently made its presence  known with its X550 smartphone, featuring a powerful 5300 mAh battery.  It has also released the XTouch smartphone (rumored to launch in India via Aircel) along with upcoming Xtouch Pro.

There is no word yet on the pricing or the exact launch date however, we will get the details soon enough.


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