Bluboo to release matched case for Xtouch with Iron Man screensaver

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Bluboo matched case for Xtouch with iron man screen saver -3

Bluboo is soon expected to release match case for Xtouch with “Iron Man” screensaver. It comes in light golden and dark blue colors and will be priced at US$ 14,99.

For those who pre-ordered Xtouch smartphone will get the delivery this month. The phone will retail for $179.99.

Every Xtouch user can get an “Iron Man screen saver” card that includes a special APP download link, printed on with the case package. 

It also includes an unique QR code on every card. Once the installation of the Application is completed, users can use their smartphone  to scan the QR code to activate “Iron Man screen saver” mode on Xtouch. The QR Code becomes invalid once it is scanned.

Users can activate the standby screensaver mode using the distance sensor and will keep on running depending on the settings.

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