Bittorrent Chat Message App being developed that works without servers

Bittorrent, largely known for its P2P protocol is working on a new messaging application. Named the “Bittorrent Chat”, this app will work without the need of storage on servers with an added benefit of secure encrypted transmission.

Bittorrent Chat is currently in the early alpha stages of development and the company is expected to keep the client Freeware without any limitations. Company is also inviting interested testers for the client to help them improve the client with their opinion and testing.

Why Bittorrent Chat is being developed?

This move comes after NSA spying revelations as Millions of people are becoming victims of data breaches. With “Bittorrent Chat”, Company hopes to secure the online communication and maintain privacy. The Company is rumored to be working on mobile version of the application as well as desktop version but there is no word on what desktop or mobile platform the client will be released on.

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