Akitio Thunder2QUAD Mini – World’s First Portable 12TB Thunderbolt 2 SSD

Akitio, known for its high performance storage solutions for Mac and Windows platform has unveiled the world’s first portable 12TB Tunder2QUAD Mini SSD Storage solution. It is already available for a starting price of $349 (no storage installed, enclosure only) with 12TB version retailing for $12,999.

The Thunder2QUAD Mini is a real game changer for video professionals. 12 Terabytes of ultra-high performance portable storage that easily fits in a backpack or hard-case for field shooting, ingest, and editing lets the production crew work anywhere and without the weight and bulk normally associated with 12TB of storage.

Richard Wright, VP of Sales & Marketing for Akitio

Akitio Thunder2QUAD Mini Features

The SSD is has CE, FCC and Thunderbolt Technology certifications. It is made up using high Quality aluminum and is optimized for heat dissipation. Product measurements are 7.52 x 3.78 x 4.53 Inches and packaging contents include, Thunderbolt cable, Power adapter and setup guide. This Device is so small that it easily fits in any bags.

The Thunder2QUAD Mini has 2 ports for both display and storage and can touch speeds up to 1375 Mb/s. Such high speeds can be reached by combining four SSDs in a RAID 0 System. It is also compatible with Akitio Data Multiplier software that allows users to copy the data of one drive to other three dives simultaneously. This product is also compatible with Apple’s boot camp.

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