1 million Sony PlayStation 4 sold within 24 hours

Sony has hit the success road with latest gaming console. Company has sold 1 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles in 24 hours after its launch.

The Console is officially available in US and Canada since November 15th, 2013 and is soon to reach South America and European shores from November 29th, 2013. Company analysts expect the sales figure to grow strong owing to the holiday season. Company expects a minimum of 3 Million PS4 units to be sold by years end when comparing to Last Generation PS3 sales figures. Moreover, Sony PlayStation 4 has launched with a price tag of $399 (Approx. Rs. 25,000) which is cheaper than its competitor Microsoft Xbox One’s price tag of $499 (Approx. Rs. 31,500)

However, there have been few short comings as well. Some of the users have reported Overheating and TV connectivity issues in PlayStation 4. According to statistics, Sony expects 0.4% consoles to be potentially defective, that is 4000 of a Million.

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